My new life

I always had problems with my weight and try constantly to reach my ideal weight. It’s not that I am fat or weight too much. I also feel really comfortable in my skin. But I want to define my body, gain more body control and also prepare for future pregnancies. It’s also healthier to have a bit less on the scale.

Diets are not my thing

In the past I tried some diets but that didn’t work at all. What I learnt is, that I get a better control of my weight, when I write in a diary. When I was younger I noted my weight down every evening, which was amazing. I saw the pros and cons of the nutrition of the day and what I could change the next day. I also tried to journalise my meals so I could control the calories. But in the end I really think that it’s useless for me. Some people may like it, however, I can’t cope with it.

In an other phase of my life I just tried to eat what my body told me. I know that sounds a bit creepy, but it really worked. Waking up in the morning and thinking I need muesli today, was so good. There was no pressure to eat the standard stuff I don’t prefer today. I’m still using this method today, as I saw that it influenced my health, happiness and weight.

Sport helps to define the body

In the last 2 years I also started to be more physically active. During my studies I sat all day long and had no exercise at all. I didn’t gain weight, but also didn’t loose some. So I joined a gym together with my husband. The first weeks were amazing. We trained every second day after university and I felt a bit progress. But there was no really happy factor and from week to week I enjoyed it less. So we cancelled our membership and well there was no longer a sporty activity. I always wanted to join a pole class because it seemed really fun and like a great training. But unfortunately there was never a chance to do it as everything was too far away.

Pole Dancing is my new addiction

Now that I moved to New Zealand, I finally got the chance. I joined it 4 months ago and it exceeds my expectations. It so much fun and I felt from the first week on that I am getting stronger. I also see the progress on my body. My legs are slightly better defined and my arms are stronger. And the best part is, that I really love it! I am kind of addicted and want to get better and do more for it. So for me, it seems that this was one of the best decisions in my life so far.

The other side effect is, that I already lost a bit of weight. I try to drink everyday at least 1.5 litre of water, make 10.000 steps and my exercises every day. Additionally, I also look after my nutrition. I am still eating what I want, but have a look at the amount. As I am a big fan of pizza, I couldn’t live without it. But all just depends on the amount and a bit of exercise is always good. With this I already lost 2.3kg in the last 3 months, which for me feels just amazing.

Let me know what your secrets for loosing weight are.



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