That’s me!

I am quite an average girl. Born in 1992, child of now divorced parents, having a younger sister. I went to kindergarten when I was 3 years old. After 4 years of fun in the sandpit and in playgrounds, I started my serious life in primary school.

Meeting one of my best friends, I survived those 4 years in primary school with some fun and more important great lessons for life. As my eyes were quite bad, and I went home from school with some really bad headaches, I got some glasses that solved this problem. I really looked kind of a genius that time.

Time in Highschool

Moving on to high school, I was really excited to have more subjects but didn’t like to get up earlier and leave school later. In my 5th grade I started learning English as a second language which I enjoyed. In my 7th grade I chose French as a third language which made it highly challenging for my brain. During my high school time I didn’t have a lot of friends, as some people saw me as a teacher’s pet. It was maybe the hardest time in my life so far, but looking back it seems that this made me stronger and showed me what’s important in life.

In this time I also had my first true boyfriend. When I saw him the first time I was quite flashed and maybe that’s just a thing everyone experiences in life. We were a couple for only about 6 months, but as it is with first loves, it was quite intense and romantic. Well in the end he broke up with me and I was hardly disappointed. My world kind of collapsed as I didn’t see that coming. Now I am really happy for that, as I met my now husband only because of this guy.

He was his best friend that time and we got closer after my relationship was finished. It truly wasn’t love at first sight, but it’s hard for me to really believe in this type of love.

Life at University

Being truly happy with him, I finished school with a great degree. We moved to another part of Germany and studied the following 3 1/2 years Management and Marketing. The same time we visited New Zealand and decided that we need to move to this amazing country.

During my studies, I enjoyed living together with my husband as having an own place to live is just awesome. In 2015 we decided make it legal and so we married on Friday the 13th. No I am not superstitious and think that it’s a wonderful day for a wedding.

Moving Overseas

By finishing my studies in 2016, I moved to New Zealand the same year. Now, after almost 12 months it’s still a great time and I evolved myself a lot. My English is better than ever and I gained more self-confidence. To improve my fitness and shape my body I started with Pole Dancing 4 months ago. I always hated everything that dealt with sport and activity but now I’m kind of addicted and hope to improve myself even more.

Now writing this blog, I plan to talk about my life as a wife, pole dancer and expat in New Zealand.


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